Skies of Legacy

Arrival in Acies

After arriving in Acies, we buy shit. William Cooper and General Marl go off to report various things about trains and pirates. Alexander Felden goes out to meet an old war buddy and teaches the recruits the “lesson of friendship”. Others shop for dresses, weapons, hats and other items and Riley gains a pet mouse called Fray. After a week Marl tells everyone to meet him at noon the next day; everyone gathers and are told of an offer by the military to go out and search for and fight the pirates that blew up Clandestine in the beginning of the party’s gathering. There is also an offer of food, money, and weapons, and a ship to travel in to find them. The other part of the quest is to find an item that the pirates stole from the Clandestine which is important to the military (which is a brass ball—medium sized—with a tear shape on it). We all decide to join the adventure and the ship is agreed to be named The Forthright Captain Marl’s Adventure Vessel, after a not so lengthy (compared to Evelyn’s previous game) discussion. After examining applications and interviewing applicants for the position of the pilot, we decide on Arthur Godfried, who tells great jokes and is very experienced at being a pilot (he also gives great hugs, and is pretty elderly). Our ship at the time of possession has 10 acceleration, 40 topspeed, 13 toughness, a climb of -2, and it can hold up to 40 people. However, with money granted by the military we decide to get one turret, two cannons, two skilled cannoneers, two ornithopters, climb to zero, six soldiers, fifteen parachutes, two armor and one acceleration.

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