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Skies of Legacy!

Skies of Legacy is a game that is loosely based off of Miyazaki’s movie Castle in the Sky. I’ve decide to make the setting a little more steampunk, and personalized as well.

A Bit About the World

Hundreds of years ago the human race had a mastery of technology. Powerful weapons dominated the earth, and humans had created all sorts of phenomenal machinery that made life simpler. It is said that their technology was so great that there was nothing that couldn’t be done. They could fly castles, level mountains, and create life. But for some reason, this age of humanity ended. Nobody knows why, but these vast technologies remain an enigma; only trace remains of broken ruins, decayed manuscripts and baffling devices remain.
Now humans are trying to continue on, hoping to uncover more and more of the legacy their ancestors had left behind. A fascination with the sky has led to the creation of skyships; planes, zeppelins, ornithopters and more. Only some old technology can still be used (though not understood), and it is still not up to the standards of legend, gadgets requiring sunlight to recharge.
Humanity has split up into four main nations, separated by a large mountain range known as Legacy Range, where the mountains are towering monstrosities, making travelling by any means except airship incredibly difficult. About ten years ago, each nation begrudgingly agreed to a peace treaty, tentatively stopping hostilities between nations. Although this has increased interaction and trade between nations, usually none wish to be involved in each others’ internal affairs.
You live in Pelia, the westernmost country, and you have probably never set foot outside of the country. The country is covered in roaming hills dotting the countryside, with various farming villages sparsely in the distance. The largest set of hills is in the north; sharp inclines, high peaks and steep footing cover the Clarian Hills. Below them are the Cliffs of Borwince, where the inclines are often replaced by steep drops. Both places are home to several mining towns, as well as the Karshian Mountain range in the west.
Pelia has a very strict and orderly government that can be a mess to get into. It is large and dominating, though its direct control is only extremely evident in the three largest cities. Though there are military bases spread throughout the country, smaller villages rarely feel the strong influence of government that is more observed within the cities. However, the government does play a large roll in transportation, in that they control most airships and trains, regulating their use with extreme efficiency. The government in largely the reason why communities are connected, without a dominating connection people tend to sink into where they live.
Right now, you are on an airship headed towards Acies, the city in the southwest. About an hour ago you left Capital Venalia aboard airship Clandestine, a semi-large passenger zeppelin. It appears to have been a popular route, as there are a good deal of people on this flight. After unpacking in your two person cabin, you take a seat in the dining area, around several other interesting individuals. Perhaps you could start up a conversation…

The Player’s Guide

Your character first of all needs a reason to be travelling to Acies. Acies is one of the farthest out towns in Pelia, and just so happens to be a city. It was founded several hundred years ago, and its population grew rapidly when there was talk of gold nearby. Since then it has become even larger, and despite its distance from other places it maintains its connections with everybody else. It is located on the edge of a forest, next to Lake Return. It’s well known for its fishing business, mining, and has the largest military training facility, as it is located farther from society, though it contains the largest number of recruits, not full fledged military. Maybe you’re going for work, or to start a new life. Whatever it is, you made your way onto airship Venalia from the capital, and are on route to your new destination.
New Hindrances
Bad Back (Minor)- You have a habit of throwing out your back. Your maximum load is halved for encumbrance penalties.

Joke’s on You! (Minor)- When you are dealt the Joker you get -2 to all trait rolls, instead of the usual +2.

Fragile (Major/Minor)- If you have the Minor version you take -2 to all soak rolls. If you have the Major version you cannot make soak rolls.

Sealed Fate (Minor/Major)- Whenever you roll a critical failure (or a 1 on the skill die regardless of the wild die[Major]) you cannot use a benny to reroll that result.

Slow (Major)- When dealing initiative cards, if dealt anything above a ten you must draw again until you get a ten or lower. The Joker does not count as higher.

New Edges (Novice)
Block, Dodge, Improvisational Fighter and their improvements are a step lower in rank requirements.

Tough it Out (Vigor d6) – Your can shake some things away like nothing. +2 to soak rolls.

Agile Maneuvering (Agility d8)- You can use any weapon regardless of the Strength requirement, but this doesn’t affect damage. If, for example, you are wielding a melee weapon with Str+d8, and your Str is d4, you do d4+d8 damage with no attack penalty.

Descendent (Background)- You are the direct descendent of some old family from ancient times. Although your family knows nearly nothing about your history, save maybe some questionable tales, you have inherited an old-tech device that’s been passed down for many, many years. This edge gives you’re an old-world device of some sort, and you know how to access some of its functions. You know it is powered by sunlight, so after using it it may take some time to recharge. This edge functions as Arcane Background, you pick a power from the list and have 10 power points, and power points recharge twice as fast if in direct sunlight. Using the device is based off Smarts. You must pick a Novice power. You can progress your device with edges later on, basically you fiddle with it and find out new functions. However, if you lose your device it is up to the DM how this is handled.
Powers: Armor, Blast, Bolt, Burst, Damage Field, Deflection, Darksight, Elemental Manipulation, Environmental Protection, Havoc, Light/Obscure, Pummel, Smite (Only melee), Speed, (Note: Buff powers like Armor can only affect you)

Note: The device must reflect the power in some way and be setting appropriate. So a leaf that shoots dark spirits at people would not be setting appropriate or designed, but a glove that can fire fireballs from the palm would be.

Tinkerer (Smarts d8, Seasoned)- After messing with devices for a while, you have figured out how to make them more efficient. When using an Old-Tech device that provides a buff, you can activate that power as a free-action (one per turn).

Efficient Tinkerer (Smarts d10, Tinkerer, Seasoned)- Further messing has made buff powers more efficient. Now you must only pay the maintaining cost for buff powers every other round.

System Changes
1. Failed Shooting Rolls- Normally, if a shooting/throwing roll is a miss, it hits an adjacent target. Because this rule is hard to deal with, critical failures will instead hit adjacent allies, only successes will hit your enemy; that is why they are called successes. If there is no adjacent ally, something else terrible will happen.

2. Critical failures- Savage Worlds deems many critical failures to be rolls of 1 on the trait die. Since this creates too many opportunities for critical failure, critical failures are now only when both the trait and wild die are ones.

3. The Injury Table- Since losing your arm is bad news, the entry for 3-4 on the injury table is being changed. Instead of gaining the one arm hindrance, you will take a permanent -1 penalty to ALL actions with that arm.

4. Since Guts doesn’t fit the world much, fear checks will be replaced with Spirit checks.

Setting Rules
Heroic Luck- Sometimes you just need to succeed. If it is an appropriately dramatic circumstance, and the odds are incredibly against you, you can spend a benny to automatically succeed on a task. The GM has the final say on when you can do this, but it is generally when you don’t want to take any chances, and your character just needs to make that leap. Though, you cannot do this is you have already rolled, you must announce it beforehand, and you only barely scrape by on the task. The rule is made to encourage players to take more risks in places where failure is very undesirable.

Ranged Weapons
Weapon————————Damage—-Wgt——-ROF——Cost——-Range——-Notes————Shots—-Min Str
Pelian Revolver (HG)—-2d6+1—- 4———-1———150———12/24/48 Revolver————-6
Necor Legacy (HG)———2d6+1—- 5———-1———300———12/24/48 Revolver AP 1——6
The Triple Barrel (HG) 2d6-1—- 9———-3———750———10/20/40 Revolver-y,———18———-d6
-——————————————————————————————-triple reload time
Capper (HG)——————2d6+1——2———-1———100———3/6/16—Notice – 2 to——-2
-——————————————————————————————find when hidden,
The 14 Barrel————2d8————8———-1———1500——-18/36/72 – 2 to hit w/o—-6————d8
-———————————————————————————————Steady Hands, AP 2
The Bolt (RIF)————-2d8——-10———-1———-200——-24/48/96 Bolt-Action,AP 2—6———-d6
Clockwork Repeater (RIF)2d8——12———-1———-750——-24/48/96 Semi-Auto, AP 2—-8———-d6
The Crusher (SPEC)———2d12—-16———-1———-1000——6/12/24 - 2 without————2———-d10
-——————————————————————————————-Steady Hands, cannot aim
Hand-Cannon (Notes)—-Special—14———-1———-1000——8/16/32 1 action to reload 1———-D8


Dynamite 3/6/12 2d6 1 50 0.5 1 MBT, +1 dam/extra stick
Net 3/6/12 Special 1 50 1 1 Entangle

In addition, use melee weapons from the book, with the addition of the sword cane, which costs 300, and functions as a rapier. Katanas are not available.

Ammo Costs
HG as Medium Bullets
RIF as Large Bullets
SPEC- 5 Per bullet
Gear Notes
Pelian Revolver- This basic revolver is pretty standard, especially in Pelia.

Necor Legacy- Imported from Necor, and then remanufactured here, the gun fires bullets that pirce armor better, though they require more meticulous detail to produce.

The Triple Barrel- This absurd weapon has three revolver cylinders and barrels, which each rotate so that a quick succession of shots can be fired off. This advanced design however, limits the impact potential of the bullets, and can be quite the pain to reload but the extra bullets are often worth it.

The Capper- This small gun is a favorite to sneak past security due to its small size. When searching somebody for firearms, they make a Notice roll at -2 to find this, opposed by Stealth.

The 14 Barrel- This revolver has a 14 inch barrel, and packs quite a punch. As a result, they are very hard to use. They are produced in a factory in Acies, and are usually sold to only very wealthy elitists, and sometimes given as gifts to higher members of the military.

The Bolt- This is the nickname for this basic bolt-action rifle, which is standard issue for basic soldiers.

The Clockwork Repeater- This gun uses clockwork technology to feed bullets into the chamber automatically, enabling semi-automatic fire.

The Crusher- This monster of a weapon fires very large bullets, however it has incredible recoil and is very difficult to use.

The Hand-Cannon- The single fire grenade launcher is popular for when crowds need to be cleared out, as well as barriers. See below for the available types of ammo.

The Hand Cannon is a two-handed handheld grenade launcher. It can fire several types of shots, but can only hold one shell at a time. Each shell weighs 1 pounds.
- Explosive (100)- 3d6-2 damage, MBT
- High Explosive (100)- 2d8, SBT, double damage to objects
- Smoke (150)- Obscure for five rounds in a MBT
- Choker (150)- Releases a noxious gas in a MBT for 3 rounds, forcing a vigor roll or a loss of action each round spend in the gas.

In addition, Gatling Guns exist but are only accessible to the Military.

Other gear is accessible as would be appropriate for the late 1800s.

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