old technology

Technology of Old

There are a lot of questions and very few answers when it comes to old technology. Although legends say that humans of old possessed massive weapons that could level mountains, fly castles, and create life, there is basically no evidence that such technology existed. There has been old remnants of technology that have been discovered in various locations, but people either can’t figure out their purposed (if it does anything) or how to replicate it.

What we can use…

So far, there have been a reasonable number of devices that have been passed down through generations, or dug up in some farmer’s backyard, that can be used. They are nicknamed “Suntouched.” Enough tinkering and experimenting with these devices (mostly trail and error) can lead for one to start to get a semblance of how to use it. The devices can be characterized by possessing a small glass screen with a yellow bar that goes up and down. When the bar is gone, the device ceases to function, though the bar “recharges” over time. It is known that such devices recharge faster in direct sunlight, but how the devices work is beyond current understanding, no matter how many people take them apart. It is known that there are more efficient ways to operate the devices, as people who tinker with them more often seem to have a “knack” in figuring out how to make them function better. In addition, sometimes people can figure out new functions for the devices, but if you ask these people to explain how, they usually shrug and just say, “I just do it.” These devices are often highly sought for, and their sale and use is closely watched by the government.

old technology

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